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$8.99 Pepperoni or Cheese
Todays instant culture demands instant food choices.
Stop by our convenient pick-up window to grab a quick Pepperoni or Cheese pizza to-go!

One to two items can generally be ready in 5 minutes!


$11.99 Single Topping Larges

Choose any Large 14" Single Topping Large Pizza on any sauce!
Additional toppings $1.75 each
Additional Cheese $2.00

$14.99 Single Topping Giants

So much more value for your money!
Upgrade to a GIANT 16" pizza for just $3.00
Additional toppings $1.75 each

Additional Cheese $2.00


$6.99 Sides

Brownies, Apple or Bavarian Dessert, Cinnamon Rolls, Cheesy Bread

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